Monday 27 February 2012

Summer in the City

You know how it is; 300 degrees celsius, hot as hell and no escape from the sun. Next day is overcast, wet, miserable and shit.

What the fuck do you do with yourself? Nothing? No you go out there and rain like a little kid from the rain and enjoy the sun until your fair and frail skin burns off.

Or just curl up in a climate controlled hole.

So what does one don during this hectic summer? Pants? Shorts? Skirt? Dress? Singlet?Blouse? Shirt?

The answer to this question: we don't have a clue. But we can suggest the following...


Rasmussen Rose Printed Shirt - Soulland


Salty Dog Street Trunks - Obey


Thom's Shirt in Light Blue - Thom Dolan


Flora Pant - 

Some fine samples of Need Supply Co's "Fresh Spring Arrivals." Check out the rest of the threads!

Keep your cool, or your warm, or whatever it is for the next ten minutes until the weather changes.


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