Writing Folio

A selection of Darby-Perrin Larner's published writing to date. 

Contributed to GQ Australia, The Guardian AustraliaSydney Morning Herald, Smith JournalGOAT, Forté MagazineYves Manzine, CouturingMilkbar Magazine, Acclaim, and Fashion Journal.

- "Scrambling with Crooked Colours" Crooked Colours Interview for Forte Magazine Issue #701 1st November 2018

- "Keep up, if you can" Alison Wonderland Interview for Forte Magazine Issue #699 4th October 2018 

- "At the Disco with San Cisco" San Cisco Interview for Forte Magazine Issue #698 20th September 2018

-"The Paper Kites: On the Corner Where You Live" The Paper Kites Interview for Forte Magazine Issue #696 22nd August 2018

- "We're The Chats, Get Fucked" The Chats Interview for Forté Magazine Issue #694 26th July 2018 

- "Is the AFL Doing Enough to Support Retiring Stars?" Opinion piece for GOAT 11th July 2018

- "Anty Horgan for PM" the Bennies Interview for Forté Magazine Issue #692 28th June 2018 

90's Culture Trend Piece for GQ Australia (print and online) 6th July 2017

"7 Music Genres That Totally Exist" Blog Copy for General Pants 5th April 2017

School Leavers Guide (concept, copy editing and art direction) September 2016

- "Fashion is Big Business in Australia, but You Wouldn't Know it" Opinion Piece for the Guardian Australia 24th May 2016

-  "Retirement Shouldn't be so Tough for Elite Athletes" Opinion Piece for Sydney Morning Herald 19th April 2016

-  "Nine Short Sleeve Shirts that Won't Make You Look Like Charlie Sheen" Concept and Copy for GQ.com.au 2nd October 2014

-  "The New Yorker Creates its First Ever GIF Cover" Concept and Copy for GQ.com.au 1st October 2014

- "Eight Classic Style Mentors from Film" Copy for GQ.com.au 26th September 2014

"10 of the Best (and Worst) Fashion Collaborations" Concept and Copy for GQ.com.au 22nd September 2014

Bodymod preview for Milk Bar Magazine 14th July 2014

Vincent the Dog Review for Milkbar Magazine (words and images) 28th October 2013

"Daft Punk and Karlie Kloss Vogue Editorial" Style news post for Acclaim Magazine 19th July 2013

Strateas.Carlucci atelier & label launch for Couturing (words and images) 23rd November 2012

Petite-A-Porter launch Opinion Piece for Couturing 23rd May 2013

Interview with Huw Bennet of Vanishing Elephant for Couturing 8th November 2012

BWM Caulfield Cup Racing Season Gala for Couturing 12th September 2012

"White on Trend" Trend Piece for Couturing 11th October 2012

Interview with Jamie Wdziekonski for Couturing (words and images) 27th October 2012

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