Monday 27 February 2012

5 Questions in 5 Minutes - Katie Silvester

"I remember the first time I had to take pictures for a school project, trying to be all cool and artisitic and failing miserably."

Well she certainly doesn't fail miserably anymore. Katie Silvester is one of our greatest flickr finds to date, her pool is incredible and her talent is obvious. After shooting numerous looks of both English companies and Abroad, Katie is killing it. Her latest gig with Prints of PCKHM is sweeeet and she managed it right after moving to London College of Fashion.

You'd think she was some kind of real life Hermonie. We scored 5 minutes of her time for a couple of questions and here's what she had to say on good looking friends, double exposures and stuff.

D.C -  First shot you ever took? Or didn't quite take, but attempted too..

K.S - Oh god, probably of my feet or something stupid! I remember the first time I had to take pictures for a school project, trying to be all cool and artistic and failing miserably. 

D.C Can you spill the beans on how to get that cool double exposure with rich colour effect that you've made your trademark? Or is that your trade secret?

K.S - No secret at all! They are simply multiple exposures, all done in camera. You just have to plan each image that you want to overlay really carefully. Every now and then you'll get a freaky one, but then sometimes they are the best!

D.C - The models in your shoots are all really, ridiculously good looking, are they mates or do you stalk all the good looking people in your town? (Hook a brother up)

K.S - I am so lucky, all of my friends are so beautiful, and happy to help me out. Most of the people I photograph I know really well. I'm trying to get better at asking people I don't know, but I suck at being brave, so if anyone wants their picture taken just let me know!

Guys come on, get amongst it! 

D.C -  You've obviously been picking up a name for yourself but now you've landed a gig with Prints of PCKHM. Are editorials down your alley or would you rather just keep shooting freelance?

K.S - Oh I would love to do some editorials. I just started studying Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion, and am being pushed to try out new things. The shoot with Prints of PCKHM was so much fun though, don't think I could ever give up doing that sort of work.

D.C - And finally, what music blared from your car radio, boom box and tape deck that pissed off your parents?

I grew up in a house always filled with music, so I got my taste from my parents. My dad has the absolute best CD collection- nothing beats hanging out with my dad and listening to Pink Floyd.

Over and out, 

Check out Katie's work here, and over here on her Tumblarghh


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