Monday 2 January 2012


"Don't dwell on the past..." Yadayada. 2011 was the year for fashion. Kanye West juggled producing one of the biggest albums of all time, a world tour and skirt clad performances to design a womens fashion line. An americana chain collabed with one of the most haught Fashion houses to give us H&M vs Versace. Opening Ceremony got a little nostalgic and gave us a line entirely inspired by the Muppets and Australia's latest export, Vanishing Elephant, teamed up with old skool cool street label Stussy to give us another killer summer campaign and well, we need not say any more. gives us a bit of year in review for fashion. Here were our picks from the top editorials and covers of 2011.

i.D issue 311 

Garage Debut. Damien Hirst at his best. 

Psychedelic Cowgirl in Interview - Craig McDean

The Collections in Dazed & Confused - Kacper Kaspryzk.
 Somewhere in Darby's room is a copy of this issue.

The Freak in Vman - Solve Sundsbo. You've all seen these floating around on the internet. 

Elephant in Pop - Sean and Seng. Simply because yes, it features "that" shirt that Kanye rocked at Coachella last year. 


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