Monday 2 January 2012


2011 or 2012..

The year the world ends right? Right? Ok mellow out because it can't be all doom and gloom (touchwood.) We don't know what to expect for the year but ya'll (our wonderful readers) can expect more cool shit headed your way big time this year. More interviews, more music, more clothes, more art, more culture more everything. It'll kind of like be an all you can eat buffet of well, just about everything.


We'll try our best.

Who are we kidding? It's going to be fucking awesome ok. New segments are appearing here soon too, and more homegrown stuff is in the pipeworks with our own handmade contributions (think streetstyle sort of stuff and knick knacks) but don't worry we won't bombard you with crappy "DASH" hats and shit stickers. We're not getting ahead of ourselves... just yet.

Happy New Year and keep at it! Feel free to drop us a line or share some lovin' or if you're a little lonely and just want to say hi.


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