Thursday 20 October 2011

5 Questions in 5 Minutes - Oh Jamie

Jamie W. of OHJAM†E moonlights as a blogger and fashionista, whilst juggling a job at Trimapee (check their stuff out.) Somehow, he manages to juggle better than a clown on fire and posts brilliant stuff and obviously does a great job for Trimapee. We scored 5 minutes with the boom-box bandit come P.R manager for a couple of questions, sweeet!

D.C - You're a guy of few words, but many pictures, so who are you really? Or, as minimally as you'd like to put yourself (this one is kind of deep..)

J. - You actually put it very well... guy of few words but many pictures that's who I am. I find trying to write something (and write it well for that matter) takes up to much time. There's only so many ways you can describe a dress on the runway or crowd at an event with words and if you're not Tim Blanks or the likes of then your review probably won't be taken all that seriously.
An image paints a story and it's open to interpretation by the viewer. This is what I like about the style of my blogging.

D.C - How did you find being a photographic producer at missbossyboots? Any different from what you do now?

J. - I started out at MISSBOSSYBOOTS back in 2008. I was 16 and undergoing work placement part of my school course, it opened up a whole new world I was unaware of. Very first fashion event I attended was because of MISSBOSSYBOOTS - it was LMFF and a producer I was working with at the time took me to the Penthouse Mouse opening party. Ironically this is where I met the TRIMAPEE boys and ended up throwing around magazines over drinks.

To put it seriously though I enjoyed my time at MISSBOSSYBOOTS, it's really different from what I do now but that's because now I'm managing PR for a fashion label where as at MBB I was a production assistant. At the agency I worked with people double my age, so what I've learned from them has been priceless.

(So work can actually be fun?)

D.C - Which brings us to; how did you score a gig at Trimapee? What's it like there? (go on, tell us all the deets..especially the infamous christmas party stories)

J. - A lot like my job at MISSBOSSYBOOTS I landed a job with TRIMAPEE basically by chance. Christian Blanchard was in the process of planning their first short film ANIMALIA and I asked if I could come along and shoot behind the scenes images. About 2-3 weeks later Mario and Peter got in touch with me to ask if I was looking for extra work in retail - so I took on a few days with TRIMAPEE in retail I worked at QV and their old Fitzroy store.

In 2010 the economy was down, advertising was hit really badly and workflow wasn't coming through and as a result I along with others lost my job unexpectedly. Lucky enough a day later TRIMAPEE approached me as they needed someone to look after their PR/Production etc. I've been with them ever since.

It's amazing working for the boys, by far the best job I've had. To see the whole design process from it being sketched onto some scrap paper to being put on the racks in store it's something not many people get to see. No juicy stories for you though, they all stay within closed doors... (Bugger!)

D.C - Influences, Inspirations and Internet sites?

J. - I've been listening to/watching a lot of Lykke Li since seeing her at Parklife. I obviously knew her music way before then but it's not till you see someone live where you can truly appreciate them and she's incredible. The way she writes, dresses, moves on stage, it's all quite magical. I read Purple Fashion for inspiration there's always interesting articles and imagery.
My continuous source of inspiration isn't from one particular place though... it might be something I see in the street or something I read etc. Just have to keep an eye open at all times.

D.C - Finally, what music blasted out of those cassette tapes, walkman and boombox that pissed of your parents?

J. - Anything really as I always played it loud...

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