Tuesday 3 December 2013

Skate Moss - latest range from Nick Thomm

Australian Artist Nick Thomm releases the latest range of Skate Moss. 
Nick is the name behind the initial range of Skate Moss and internet prolific "Real Eyes/ Realise/ Real Lies." The latest instalment features Kate Moss mashed up, or spliced and diced, then screen printed onto 100% Canadian Maple in North America. 

Nick Thomm is also founding member of SRC783 Magazine (first issue featured here) and THE DROP studio. Heavy weight clients include Nike, Red Bull and BBC. So with a prolific profile like Nick's, the latest drop of Skate Moss is bound to go quick. Get in and grab one online now. Or purchase/peruse Nick's other works depending on how Iggy Azalea you are right now



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