Tuesday 21 May 2013

5 Questions in 5 Minutes - Bogdan Seredyak

Bogdan Seredyk is a creative mix pot. He's got his finger in every pie, from Photography to Architecture and Design. Hailing from the Ukraine, Bogdan balances all these mediums seamlessly through the notion of "elaborating new world views." That's pretty profound, but he and his work really does practice what he preaches. I gave him the ol' "5 Questions in 5 Minutes" after featuring his work a few weeks back. We talk mixed mediums, themes and a Norwegian Black Metal phase.. Check it,

D.C - Can you sum up in five words what you do?

Bogdan - Elaborate on new world views. 

D.C - How do you approach all the different mediums in which you work in?

Bogdan - Depending what I work with, everything requires a little bit of a different approach. If its architecture, civic strategies and tactics must be applied so that the design would work on the local and possibly even global scale. If its art or photography, I tend to be more selfish in that respect and usually work with themes that suit me in a given moment. It could be much more experimental work and does not always reach a final conclusion. With design work, I'd say its somewhere between those mediums mentioned above.

D.C - Hardest and/or most enjoyable project to date?

Bogdan - It's tough to pick the most enjoyable project since I enjoy my practices in every medium I work with. Perhaps the toughest one though was my proposal for the slums of Mongolian Capital. It goes beyond architecture and roots itself into life and traditions of native people to help solve some rising issues in those lands. 

D.C - What's next?

Bogdan - What's next is hard to predict, but I'd say that there is a strong possibility of new work in yet another medium - motion pictures.

D.C - What music pissed off your parents in your formative years?

Bogdan - I went through a little but memorable phase of norwegian black metal. Most likely it was that...

I've only featured Bogdans photography again here, but jump onto his portfolio to check out all the design, art and architecture work! 


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