Thursday 28 March 2013

Grand Scheme x Sixpack France

Grand Scheme teamed up with Sixpack France today for a nifty capsule collection designed by Jonathan Zawada and PMKFA. A "Liberty Print", complete with hallucinogens and narcotics in the detail, and an Acid Trip look dubbed "Marbleable" bolster the collection of hats, tees, shorts and pillows (?)

Before you conjure images of hippy garb and stoner dudes, the collection is rad and shows off not only Grand Schemes' 'print panache' but Jonathan and PMKFA's design skills.
'Marbleable Short' in Green
'Marbleable Pillow' in Black 

'Liberty Pocket Tee' in Black

The Collection is available online through Grand Scheme and Sixpack and selected global stockists. 


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