Saturday 2 February 2013

Cale Rodriguez

"Ces jours étaient ceux de notre vie" 

I first met cale at work, we were unpacking 600* boxes far too early on a Tuesday morning. It turns out Cale is a rad Photographer and super talented Videographer!

Having done work for Spook Magazine, Saint Kilda Cycle Club and now a trip to Alaska in the pipe lines, Cale's making a bit of a name for himself. I squeezed a few words out of him on his work, Super 8 film and this trip to Alaska to see the Aurora Lights.

Cale on Photography and shooting videos I guess I got into photography and videography because I found I had an eye a little different to others, I saw things that I thought captured the moment. Which lead me into street styled photography rather than commercial stuff like weddings, night clubs etc. By going out with your camera into the city,streets or anywhere interesting you're bound to find some amazing captures

On shooting Super8 film - I started shooting Super8 before I even touched a digital camera. I just felt something when viewing Super8 footage, like hopping inside the mind of whoever shot it and watching these nostalgic memories play back with a hazey, summer afternoon vibe, that and my all time love for area of the 1970's.

It's quite expensive, but totally worth it. I get all my film and developing done in California by

And on Alaska - Yeah this Alaskan trip I've been planning since last year. Basically there's a crew of guys from the Gold coast who have been friends forever and this is their last trip together before they all start full-time careers, get married, move away etc. So they have a cabin in British Colombia, Canada and are currently doing the snow season over there. With a little research I found out that 2013 was going to be the biggest Aurora lights display in the next eleven years, so I thought why not shoot an amazing film filled with cinematic shots of Canada and the Alaskan aurora lights? 

Cale is being partly helped by Spook Magazine and a few other sponsors on this trip, but could use all the help in the world. Help get Cale there!

Check out the rest of his work @


* It was only about 20 boxes but in Cales' words, it was "soul crushing" or something along the lines of that

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