Monday 7 January 2013

5 Questions in 5 Minutes - Noah Emrich

Noah Emrich is a photographer, plain and simple. His work covers the full gamut of subjects, from sticks on the ground to menswear label Van Cleef and Arpels latest campaign. With a growing client list including our own Ugg Australia, Gant Rugger and an Awards Ceremony or two, Noah is one to watch. His colour and dynamics sort of give each shot life, but I don't need to tell you that. Look for yourself.

Here's what Noah had to say about himself, working and his parents disdain for Rick Ross

D.C- Your work spans across everything from scenery to fashion shoots, do you have a favourite topic to shot? 

Noah -I don't think I really have a favorite subject matter, I have a hard time figuring out for myself what I'm doing most of the time.

D.C - And is there more ambition towards Fashion? 

Noah - Recently I've kind of shied away from the fashion stuff. Partially because I wanted to see if I could do other work, and because it also felt like I was one of a million doing the same stuff. What is amazing about fashion work though is that is essential a form of story telling - at least on the editorial side - and I think for any creatively minded person that's exciting. You have the ability to create your own worlds and situations.

D.C-  You got the chance to go to Pitti Uomo last year, what's it like? Peacocks vying for attention or is everyone on the same level? 

Noah - Yeah, I got really lucky. It was really hot, and generally most people are just trying to get their buying done. Definitely a few big egos stomping around in the latest, greatest most hyped gear of the season though.

D.C - Stalking your Instagram and Tumblr is an awful lot of fun, would you say your work is more collaborative or independent? Are commissioned shoots drastically differently to your daily happenings? 

Noah - I tend to shoot the same way for jobs as I do for myself, but you definitely do have to be conscious of what your client is looking for. I always feel awkward on jobs where there's a team looking to me for direction though, it's much easier one on one, or just generally more casual shoots where I can wonder around and shoot what catches my eye.

D.C - And finally, What music rocked out of your Walkmen and Tapedeck that pissed off your parents? 

Noah - Rozay! (Rick Ross)

Check all of his work out here and here


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