Friday 26 October 2012

A Man's Guide to the Caulfield Spring Racing Carnival

Dress to impress and snag the attention of the other kind of fine phillies at this years Racing Carnival. I present a how-to-/style guide to for the discerning man over at Couturing. 

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Chances are, your suit from last year won’t make the cut. That’s not to say throw it out—bits and pieces can be paired together to make an outfit fit for this season. Or, treat yourself and buy a brand new, fitted suit.

The key to any outfit is the fit. Skip the “off-the-rack” ensembles and spend the extra money on having pants and blazers fitted to your proportions. Tailoring the hem on your trousers won’t hurt either. Inexpensive and fuss-free, tailoring the hem up on your trousers will give them a better looking fit.

When it comes to actual suiting options, stock up your sartorial arsenal with out-of-the-ordinary details. Windowpane jackets are a classic, and offer an alternative to plain blazers. With all over square detailing, Windowpane jackets are best done in navy and brown colour-ways, or blue-green and navy tones.

Try a slim tie with a geometric pattern or an understated, dark textured tie contrasted with a pocket square. Contrast collars are an enviable look also—a pink pinstriped shirt with a rounded white collar is sure to impress.

This brings us to the next point—attention to detail. Pocket squares are easy to find, simple to pull off and shows that you’ve put in the effort to dress the part for the day.

A simple, classic watch will not only keep the time but also add to an outfit. It’ll also stop you from checking your phone every two seconds.

Don’t copy your partner’s look, but rather, compliment. A matching pocket square is very high-school formal; ditch the cheesy symmetry and dress to impress. If your partner is wearing white, light or bright, then dress accordingly.

Images Courtesy of the Sartorialst and STREETFSN


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