Sunday 29 July 2012

Skipped Splendour?

Of course, no one actually voluntarily skipped Splendour in the Grass, but if you're like me and most of the country then you probably didn't a) get your bank account in order b) get a tent in time or c) just didn't want to get your feet all muddy with the return to Splendours Byron Bay roots.

But fear not because you didn't even have to leave your living room to experience splendour. Triple J started by teasing us with all the juicy pictures up on their facebook page of the crowd and the sets throughout the weekend, whilst also covering live recordings (which will probably be aired all week long! Damn you) and interviews and what not. So really, they have it covered for you, just like being there without all the mud, sweat and tears.

And, not actually being there.

I probably should finish by leaving you with this picture incase you weren't already upset enough about missing this years Splendour.

And they said she couldn't do live. 
(Courtesy of Triple J)


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