Monday 23 July 2012

Hash Tagging and School Wagging

#Cheaamindlessselfindulgence# #bored# #whatthefuckisahashtag#

Actually, witty and slightly more intelligent tags like that would be better. But what the fuck is all this hash tagging nonsense? Heard of that thing twitter?

Of course you have. Anyways, hash tagging is the modern way of a) linking everything up to nothing (a bit like a cheat code for explaining seinfeld..only not really) via word associations or cues. For example a celebrity rant about seemingly nothing makes complete sense once coupled with #mental breakdown#  or more obviously, #publicity stunt#

and b) another platform for self-promotion. See; tweens facebook profiles cluttered with 'selfies' captioned #bored# #sahugly# and the seemingly never ending hash tag in a bit to outdo one another.


Today also sees - apart from finally understanding hash tagging and albiet an embarrassing lesson on how to insert a 'jump' on blogger.. - the beginning of the second half of the Uni year, which I've come to learn as a bit like a dog year, shorter than you think. It also rings in the tiny celebration of a welcomed three day weekends from now until atleast November. 

Now, get back to work .. for those of us who really do have actually work waiting.

#peaceoutcoraltrout# #YOLO# #sahconfused# #whatwillwethinkofnext#

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