Monday 16 July 2012

Brown Paper Bag

The other night I was thinking of a possible way to reconstruct a paper bag, using leather or material of sorts other than paper. Don't worry, this wasn't a weird brain strain from boredom, it was actually thanks to a loaf or two of free bread from the bakers around the corner.

SO as it be, Jil Sander has this week just dropped the very thing in question, a Brown Paper Bag as an accessory. Using coated paper, the fashion house has commercialised an otherwise disposable object.

That said, it's pretty rad.

Jil Sander FW 2012 Vasari Bag

Also up for offer is a black leather 'Lunch Bag'

Let's be Honest, your kid wouldn't have a hard time trading their 'pickle and balony sandwhich' in one of these bad boys.

(snaps via Hypebeast)


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