Saturday 16 June 2012

Original Mix

The other night I was posted to the idea of blogging being an odd concept. Essentially, no content is original content and that it's kind of contradictory.

I must agree, even this blog lacks originality. I'm not saying that a lack of original content is bad, but should be food for thought.

Thinking about it, I think there's right reasons. Whilst photographers and artists tend to stick to personal and original content, there is still elements of pre-packed, recycled content and it's quite rare to come across a truly raw and original blog.

For one to produce and display their own creations, it's a bit of struggle. I can speak, I decided early on this year that more 'homegrown' stuff would be posted up on here but have thus far failed to do so. I shoot film and it's expensive and very inconsistent (I shoot more rolls than I need to then take months getting them developed,( I also struggle to open up the blinds on these photos to strangers. That in itself is an odd concept. Whilst I've been toying with street-style, there is just an overload already bouncing around the internet. I owe it to bloggers like OhJamie and James of Yimmy's Yayo who whilst running inspiration-board style blogs, produce and share their own work as well. An unfathomable amount of inspiration can only keep fuelling projects like that.

Mind you, spoiler alert, I'm brewing something that I've been wanting to do for a long time.

Too me, interviews are my labour. Rather than skimming through Hypebeast or any one of the blogs in my ever-growing list, and sharing new collections or gorgeous girls, interviews are themselves. The questions are original, the responses (hopefully) completely fresh and the entire post constructed right there and then for something new.

Of course, none of this post was cynicism towards blogging. What are your thoughts?