Friday 15 June 2012

Back in Action

After a short (not really) break I am back and full of surprises.

Ok that's a tiny bit of a lie. Whilst it seems there is a few things to post, the universe also took a little bit of a break during my absence and it seems as if the whole world slowed down.

This is, in one sense, fucking great. I found coffee again; like the first time you had a cup and bounced from wall to wall with ping pong balls in your head, replacing the now fully diluted and bloodshot eyes. I lashed out and broke the plastic fantastic to dive deep into new magazines (Manuscript can be highly recommended,) failed to resist the temptation of a new sweater and sampled (perhaps too much) the hazy hot boxes of melbourne's bars and spots. Went a little bit fancy, and checked out the newly revamped and very 'opulent' (yes, you can go out with out getting someones drink spilt on you and wear your sunday best) Spice Market.

It also means that newspapers pumped out more expensive ink about absolutely nothing and the blogesphere idly strayed off the path into the realm of holiday mode where (in the northern hemisphere) the first winks of summer distracted and the liquids intoxicated. Well, ok that also gripped the south there for a bit.

But winter has given everyone a cold (literally) hand and the city is as busy as ever, with more events than one can handle - if only we all had that time stopping, turning, skipping pocket watch of Hermonies' - and every shop has sold its last racks of jumpers and jeans in anticipation of the next season drops - segue way into the next few posts.

And back to Summer in the north, music has jumped into happy places again.
Miike Snow has been on repeat, with his new album 'Happy to You' pissing off all that live nearby, Hot Chips' 'Flutes' has done likewise and yes, Beach House has again rocked us all off to sleep with their new album 'Bloom.'

Without further a do, I think I should just dive right back into it and stop procrastinating by writing this piece.