Tuesday 1 May 2012

Ksubi @ MBFWA


You, over there, come here. Want to see something cool?

Wait a minute. Is this the part where you are all shocked by some stupidly scary GIF of a possessed girl that you've been cunningly tricked into thinking is the "Funniest moment on TV?" Or that one time that kid in primary school found a dead body down by the lake and that one weird kid poked it with a stick?

Thankfully, not. This is not where I trick you into buying miracle pills, a new pair of tits or 12 steps to anything. Nope.

Yimmy Yayo is down under for a couple of gigs he's got going on at the moment and one just so happens to be a guest photographer for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Here he's teamed up with Ksubi to shoot their runway show. Check out behind the scenes and a sneak peek of what's on offer for their new collection

(Yimmy Yao x Ksubi via Oyster Mag)