Thursday 3 May 2012

For the ladies - Emma Mulholland S/S 2012

Joining the party that is the MBFWA 2012, Emma Mulholland unveils her latest collection S/S 2012 in way of a nice little video that captures the uniqueness, yet wearability of the range through a bit of girl on girl action in a basketball shootout.

The collection is as bright as bright, but tastefully crafted and obviously very wearable - from retro bomber jackets to minis and an update of the humble sports bra into a sequin extravaganza.

Here is the clip, directed by Alex Goddard with some brilliant sound work.

Oh, and as if the title itself doesn't win you over, "As Bad as I Guana Be"...

(video exclusive via OysterMag)

Check out her website and head over here to snap up some of her threads online - Grandsocial