Thursday 12 April 2012

Gingerbread Shop - New in

The folks over at Gingerbread Shop have fully stocked and loaded their new season gear for your shopping pleasures. Lots of colour and new threads to feast your eyes on, plus some new models by the looks of it.

Brighter and more distinctive than their last season, Gingerbread Shop doesn't disappoint.

Although, I can't find that shirt from the sneak peek...

Check it out;

Vintage Fruit of the Loom Eagle Tee
with Seed Plum Pants

Skinny-Be Bejwelled Jumper 
with The Open Yellow Shorts

U-Mei Navajo Print Anorak
Edison Store Charcoal Pocket Sweater
with St Kilda Beach Denim Jeans

The Open Electric Blue and Grey Dress

Shop the rest of Ladies here
and Gents here


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