Tuesday 24 April 2012

5 Questions in 5 Minutes - Zach McCaffree

Zach McCaffree likes to "shoot film, guns and his mouth off." I don't know about his pistol aim but he takes a damn fine film shot and had a little bit to say when I gave him the ol' 5 Questions in 5 Minutes.

Hailing from the Washington area over in the States, his yesteryears were spent hanging around Mountain towns, but now he resides in Honolulu - a bit of a sea change in the least!
Now he snaps lovely ladies, dudes hanging out, old garages and just about everything in between.

Who doesn't like "pictures of girls on film?"

Here's what he had to say

D.C - Your tumblr about is probably the wittiest thing on that site, give us a couple more words about yourself

Z.M - ha! I don't know about that. i'm just an immature guy who likes to take photos when I can, surf on my days off, and try to surround myself with good friends

D.C - How do you meet all the lovely ladies (and strapping lads) that you shoot? Are you blessed by handsome friends or serious pick-up game?

Z.M -  Don't know about game, I think you just have to find people who have confidence in your abilities to make them look good or at least make pretty pictures together. Most people I shoot are usually friends or acquaintances. It's easy to shoot friends but i've been trying to branch out more and find new people to photograph. Oh, and most of my friends are ugly, really really ugly. ha! I kid, they're all ugly! nah, I just have a super strick screening policy (wink) 

D.C - What's it like growing up in Hawaii? Have you always hung around shooting film.. and guns.. or have you given your hand to something else?

Z.M - I didn't grow up in hawaii. I was raised in the pacific northwest. I grew up in spokane washington then lived all over washington and oregon. I used to be a pretty avid snowboarder and I moved around to different mountain towns. Before hawaii, I was in seattle for a while. now i've been in hawaii for 3 1/2 years. Oh, and i got my first bb gun when i was 5 and my first shot gun when i was 7. ha! crazy shit, huh..

when I was in high school my best friend started getting really into photography. I was definitely influenced by seeing his work and that is what got me started. After that it was off and on depending on whether I had a camera. I eventually shot digitally for a couple years but I missed film. Now, all I shoot is film and i try to get out and shoot as much as possible.

D.C - You shoot both portraits and landscapes, plus "stuff." Is their a favourite subject or just shooting anything tickles your fancy?

Z.M - I love shooting landscape, board sports, street, and other stuff, junk, and crud but most of that is filler between the times that I get to shoot people. I wish I could photograph rad people everyday. I like to take portraits of all walks of life, I really do, but everyone likes pictures of girls on film and I am no different.

D.C - and finally, what music boomed out of your room as a kid that pissed off your parents?

Z.M - All of my music when I was a kid pissed off my parents! actually scared them would be much more accurate. jr. high though high school was mostly metal, punk, and hip hop. sonic youth, bad religion, nirvana, suicidal tendencies, wu-tang, das efx, propagandhi, slayer, lots of seattle bands, a ton of pop punk - nofx, lagwagon, etc.., oh, and the pharcyde! I went to a ton of shows back then and saw some pretty amazing bands. my hearing isn't so good anymore. ha!

Be sure to check out his site over here and all of his flickr, tumblr and what not!