Monday 16 April 2012

5 Questions in 5 Minutes - Pulp Girls

Cailie and Brianna are the brainchildren behind Pulp Girls an all singing, all dancing extravaganza of Vintage Clothes and Photography and boy it kills. The Girls not only stock all the vintage garments to fulfil every Girls dreams but also do all the shoots, management and, a sneak peek at what the future might hold, vintage tea parties. 

Alright so this one might be more for the girls out there but hey, can't we all bask in the glory of this wonderful idea and amazing photo shoots. 

Here's what the gals had to say on scavenger hunts, mystical magic and possible tea parties. 

D.C: In a couple of words, who are the Pulp Girls?

P.G: Dream-catching, night-traveling sisters sustained by mystical magic.

D.C:Your shoots, are they in house or is a Pulp Girl Outsider bought in to work their magic?

P.G: No, they're totally and completely done by us! We have so many ideas pouring out of our minds that we simply combine certain pieces to make the magic happen. You would not believe the amount of props, candles, fabrics, and flowers we have collected from all of the past shoots! Our storage room is packed with pretty things.

D.C: Is it tough sorting through all the deadstock to find the right gear to stock? Or is it more pleasure than business?

P.G: Well the thrill of the hunt is in the chase so searching weird shops, old people's house's (estate sales of course), thrift shops and all that is one of our favorite pastimes. Sometimes we just find a piece where the story just screams out to us and a photoshoot is born entirely! We've really begun to refine the items that we're interested in and only list the cream of the crop.

D.C: Tell us about your move to the new studio. Change of scenery or outgrew your old shoes?

P.G: We've undoubtedly run out of the space that we so desperately need for this growing vision of fashion/vintage/photography love. We started selling prints on our flickr to try to begin to raise the extra cash-flow we need to make this move. This way we would be able to create a larger team and maybe even get *gasp* interns! We are hoping to find somewhere with enough space to host vintage dress-up parties in the future! It would be so rad.

D.C:  And finally; what music did you dance, wail or sing too that pissed off your parents?

P.G: Honestly, whether it was a strange phase of liking cheesy house music to awful popular rap, our mom never really got upset at us when we would jam out. She was a punk in the 70's so basically us listening to weird shit was kinda just funny to her because she was the type to say “if it's too loud you're way too old”! Nowadays she just gets into whatever we happen to love so it works out in the end.

Cheers Girls, be sure to check out their Blog, Shop and their flickr.