Wednesday 1 February 2012

Big Day Out Bonanza

So in-between all the flying sweat and sore feet, we've come out alive and we're ready to share our first Big Day Out experience! 

Starting off, the day was practically one of the hottest of our entire lives but that was to be expected, knowing how spasmodic the weather in Melbourne can be. Our favourite acts included Kanye, Odd Future (not mine but I have to put it in for Darby)(it was sick ok), Kimbra, Best Coast, Foster the People and Das Racist.

The mosh pit that I (Ashleigh) complained about possibly losing a couple limbs in. Yep. We didn't end up in there at all because I'm actually the biggest wuss you'll ever meet.

Shaking and grooving all night long seemed no worries for us two teens, besides that 1 hour when we had completely lost eachother. Fuck. But aside all the anxious swearing and missed phone calls, we managed to somehow walk into each others paths and continue our festival adventure (N.B. never lose a friend in a crowd of 50,000).

Best Coast's killer performance (and killer guitarists).

(Shitty Phone Photo) The vert ramp. We didn't get any shots of Tony Hawk but this guy killed it anyways. Kasabian's performance was fitting to the Jam Session later on too. 

How close Darby managed to push through during Odd Future. One of the craziest experiences ever. Note homemade singlet had to be thrown out shortly after due to the absorbant amount of sweat. Great. 

Really shitty quality photo. Ok, make that the shittest. But at the same time one of the coolest shots.

Das Racist probably had one of the best sets all day. Just saying.

The end of Kanye's show with his dancers and mind-blowingly large set up.

Foster the People getting the crowd hyped during Pumped up Kicks

Just a taste of what the crowd had to offer.

A shot before Kanye's performance displaying the legendary Orange and Blue tents who brought us Boy & Bear, The Jezabels, Hiltop Hoods and Kasabian.

The two greatest looking people you'll ever meet.
That is us by the way.

We think it's possibly fair to say that Big Day Out was an experience of a lifetime! Now we won't get all inspirational and emotional on you so we're going to end the post here. But what the heck, see you at next years festival dudes!

- D.C.

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