Sunday 15 January 2012

Pitti Uomo wrap up.

Pitti Uomo is a mecca for menswear, a fortress of sartorial solitude and a platform for the faces behind fashion to converge and do nothing other than show off their latest wears and taute their own creations. Either way, it makes for the best streetstlye photography in the world.

As Pitti has come to a close, here's our favourite shots from the event with a couple of behind the scene ones of the guys that bring us these shots.

Seems like we need to dig out those pants that are a little too short and that old pair of Camo Cargo pants you rocked back in the day. 

(the Money Shot.) 

(all images via STREETFSN)

The Crew. Justin Chung pretty much sums up the whole streetstyle thang over on his tumblr. These are the hard workers at Pitti bringing all the rad shots. 


Now where's that bank at, we're going to need to rob it if we plan on getting any of these threads in the near future. 

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