Wednesday 4 January 2012

Hey Lana Del Ray

Ok, so apparently Lana Del Ray is a pretty big deal to everyone (in terms of both looks and musicality). And to be honest, it's not a surprise that the retro yet sexy chick has hit the big time. In the swing of things, Lana, (is that okay if we start calling her by her first name? Because in our heads we're practically besties already) has recently done an interview with Oyster Mag here.

We're not quite sure what happened at the end there though. We don't think we've ever seen an interview stop so abruptly (well at least there wasn't any abusive swearing right? No "Imma let you finish" business either). But yeah, see what you think of the interview. It's weird in the most direct and almost kind of feisty (?) way. Looks like Lana won't take any type of Aussie shit.

- D.C.

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