Tuesday 24 January 2012

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

It's hot. We're not going to lie. It's bloody hot. What's better, it's BDO on sunday.

To save you from the onslaught of images coming out of the Gold Coast and Sydney shows, we're not going to bother sharing those with you again. Instead. We're putting together a post of our top tips for the day.

First things first, gear:

Obviously you're going to be sweating like a 100 hundred men in a sweatshop (so, a heck of a lot) and with the announcement of the waterslide and the V club in a can we're thinking shorts are not an option. They are a must. Dudes, don't wear your favourite pair of shorts. Go and make a pair or throw on some boardies. Girls, if you want the entire flemington race course to see your bum, then that's fine. But make sure you wear dark washed shorts so they don't get too dirty.

Singlets are iffy. You'll look like a pommy on holidays in spain (a.k.a a Lobster) if you don't slip, slop, slap. Alternatively, throw on a cool tee. That's our best bet. Or the ol' Hawaiian shirt (Comeback Kid has some sweet ones in store) and cut offs. Too easy. Girls, singlet with a shirt over the top. But not denim. Worst.

Sunnies. And no, not your favourite pair of Raybans or those new $300 Supers. $20 pharmacy specials.

Shoes are the big question. No one really cares if they go, in-fact try and go as un-matching as possible. Cheap, nasty shoes that you can either chuck in the wash or chuck in the bin. Socks too, or else you'll end up like our mate last year with blisters the size of 50cent coins for 2 weeks. Not kidding.

Map and timetables are non-essential. Just know when your favourite acts are on and sprint to that stage. Unless you like to have an entire itinerary of the day, then obviously you'll need a laminated copy of the map and timetable.


Steer clear of dodgy merch and food. Stick to water and a million buckets of chips.

Don't have sex in the mosh. That's just weird and is a bathtub of std's and what nots. Do ask for that cute girl/guys name.

Wear something that is different from everyone else so your mates can find you. Take your phone and some cash, for obvious reasons. No need to lug along your Prada purse.

Don't leave early.


Best bets are Kanye, Odd Future, Girl Talk, Foster the People, Best Coast, Nero and Art vs. Science.

If you get the chance, go and see Jezabels, Architecture in Helsinki, Das Racist and Cage the elephant. Dudes not mention beforehand are obvious ones to check out.

That's about as much as we can possibly think off. See ya'll there!


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