Monday 9 January 2012

A beat for the Heat

Ahoy there, how are ya'll fairing in this somewhat sunny summer season? Whatever your response was to that question, listen in. We have a few (two) songs that we'd like to brag about because for the most part, they're pretty groovy.

Flight Facilities (who also double as a DJ, talented huh) bring us a song called "Foreign Land" which sounds like a song from the 60's or something. Perhaps they wanted to channel a little disco fever?

And from their album The English Reviera, Metronomy brings us yet another song that send our feet tapping and our arms flying. "The Bay", (which was ironically filmed at a bay), features water, sun, bikinis and the occasional pool-house mansion. Who knew it was possible to play a bass guitar whilst being the passenger in a car? (Ha, that rhymed)

- D.C.

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