Friday 2 December 2011


Rejoice! No longer can we say summer is around the corner because well, fuck, it's finally here. Our personal favourite season of the year is upon us once again and you know what that means?

Well apart from the obvious sunburn, christmas party hangovers and presents, it's time for some bumper-summer-blogging! Or as it's come to be known (in Darby's world anyways) Smuggling.

We thought we'd put together a teaser to tantalise your tastebuds (and help you practice your alliteration) for what's in store for the next few wet-weeks.

Alright, there is going to Babes, Boardies, Beaches, Beers (we'll try avoid those this year though,) Better Blogs (interviews,) more beaches, Boards(you know, those ones that all the kids are on terrorising your local shopping centre,) Beats and bountyiful more bumper smuggling ! But not buddgy smuggling, Tony Abbot couldn't pull it off, your Dad still manages to bust them out on the family vacation and we'll be honest...we're not going to try.

Maaaaate it's summer!

Oh, here's a few snaps and beats to get you into the mood.

Babes, Beaches,Booze and Buddgy Smugglers! Alright this isn't a personal holiday snap. No.

Board of a different kind, Comeback Kids' Mood Board!
Summer Fashion for the Ladies (@ Frankie)


Wavves - King of the Beach.

King of the Beach! doo doo da...... To our readers in the northern hemisphere, enjoy your winter wonderland ya'll.


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