Monday 5 December 2011

5 questions in 5 minutes - Alicia Hannah Naomi (Sea of Ghosts)

"A self-confessed social misfit and inspired madman" - Sea of Ghosts
Sea of Ghosts is the brainchild and style chronicle of Melbourne jewelry designer Alicia Hannah Naomi. But let's cut the bull, that sentence doesn't do Alicia justice...we like to think of Alicia as the modern females answer to Edward Scissor Hands and heck, even a character drawn straight from the imagination of Tim Burton and bought to life in a whimsical, stylish as fuck, misfit Alicia. Awesome!

Counting some of fashions biggest and most edgy designers, Alicia juggles her blogging with jewelry making. Citing Rick Owens and Alexander Wang (too name a few) in her dark and aesthetic design inspiration, Alicia forms pieces of jewelry unlike anything we've ever seen and is starting to form quite a name for herself both locally and internationally. Think lord of the rings meets Aztec extravagance crossed with extreme modernist (mind boggling right?)

Well check out her work, pop into her online store and then see what she had to say when we interviewed her!

D.C -  Funniest story about getting lost, where were you and what happened? Need we ask how you got lost?

Alicia - Actually I'm hopelessly directionless, a bit of a daydreamer. I getlost really easily and I never know where I am without the aid of google maps or my GPS. You think I'd be used to it but getting lost always comes with an unsettling fear of not being able to find my way back.

D.C - Designing anything takes thought and time, do you have a particular design process or is more whimsical and random?

Alicia - Generally I try to get hands-on as soon as possible but sometimesI'll be inspired to do something that requires breaking-down and deconstructing in terms of concept so often then I'll bust out some paper and sketch it out 'til I can work out how to make it work.

Debris Necklace

Crystalize Bangles 

D.C - Favourite hangouts in Melbourne? Feel free to let us in on any secret spots…

Alicia - I'm really terrible at this kind of stuff (comes with being adaydreamer), I always get taken cool places but never really pay attention or remember where I've been. Last night I went to the Berlin Bar for the first time which was pretty great - it's separated into West and East Berlin with the former being designed like an opulent parlour and the latter broken-down and bunker style with graffitied walls and converted bathtubs. Excellent cocktail list, too.

D.C - Tell us about your contributions to Australian INfront

Alicia - INfront is an Australian design-based community that wanted to get more fashion design content on board but it hasn't really been embraced by the community at large. For some reason it's difficult for a lot of designers to accept fashion as a legitimate form of design despite the fact that it's actually a discipline that has an extraordinary amount of parameters which makes it an arresting challenge as a facet of the design industry. Due to the rigid timing of the fashion industry most content goes out when new season collections launch around the same time rather than sporadically. 

D.C - What music blasted out of your room, car, walkmen and tape player that pissed off your parents?

Alicia - When I was 16 I put some Marilyn Manson posters up in my bedroom and my mum was pretty distressed by their "scary" nature, but she's never tried to restrict what music or other media content I consume and is generally quite happy to let me do my own thing. 

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