Thursday 10 November 2011

Secret Squirrel (squeak squeak)

Yep. It just doesn't stop getting hotter at the moment does it? If we could, we'd run around without pants forever, whilst also coping a fine for public indecency. Secret Squirrel, created by a couple, have combined their love for music and vintage to produce many clothing collections that have seen the likes of Vogue, Oyster Mag and Frankie. However, the clothing in this post is from the Summer 2011 Collection, to suit the 'steaming summer season' we'll all be undergoing very shortly here in Oz. Enjoy ladies!

Tuberose top; Nerine skirt

Hidcote shirt; Alocasia short

Witch Hazel Jacket; Bergamot Singlet; Hosta short

Colombine sundress

Larkspur dress

Wallflower jumpsuit