Monday 28 November 2011

Boy and Bear - or Man and Kitten (you can thank us for the laughs later)

So for all those silly idiots who stayed up last night along with the rest of the country to watch the ARIA's then shame on you. And shame on us because we have to admit we did too. But if anything good was to come out of last night it was Boy & Bear! With a swag of awards in toe, a killer performance and not to mention some serious styling, the boys (or men) cleaned up and even took out the biggie Album of the Year!

Not bad for their first round. Grab their new album and check them out here on myspace music and even listening to this video will get you into the swing of things for summer. Just be careful to not spread the spirit too much and bear hug your mates to death.

Rabbit Song - Boy & Bear 

Did we mention they also picked up GQ band of the year?


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