Monday 7 November 2011

Black Box//White Box

So we are catching up on the backlog of quality blogging that's been going on over the past few days, at the end of the week we'll be back in action 100%

Through some said catching up, we stumbled upon a new online boutique - Black Box , which is the birthchild of White Box (go figure) and boy do we like it. They stock all the way from AIAIAI (techspec gear) to Vanishing Elephant - HOORAY! - and are from right here, in OZ. So do a mate a favour and check them out. Or tell a mate, heck even tell ya mum..just don't tell her your knicking her credit card when she goes to sleep tonight so you can score some new gear! We don't condone that sort of behaviour. Unless it's for something important. Like getting a hot date. Or impressing that dude that catches your bus.

(images from Black Box, they give a bit of teaser of their goodies on the home page)


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