Saturday 12 November 2011

Bags, wallets and other nick nacks

Have you been wanting a new sack to put your goods? Do we make you sound like Santa Claus? If you've answered yes, no or maybe, or haven't answered at all, then you're eligible to view this post (so that's everyone).

Tonight we're speaking bags, belts and wallets (pity we couldn't do the three B's; our English teachers would've been proud with our mad alliteration skills). Getting back to the point, Makr Carry Goods is this funky online shop perfect for any guys needs. They stock things that will hold up your pants, carry your shit, store your cards and keep your keys handy. On the count of three, lets all shout a hip hip hooray!

Flap Rucksack

Farm Rucksack

Button Stud Belt

Horizon Two Wallet

Key Chain

Standard Canvas Fold Weekender

- D.C.

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