Saturday 26 November 2011

5 Questions in 5 Minutes - Somewhere Store

Teaming clothes with an art gallery, the Somewhere store located in both Sydney and Melbourne combine the best of both worlds (they practically just like selling nice things in a nice space to nice people). So, in the swing of things, we've asked the people who're in charge, Gustav and Sigourney, a couple questions that practically give us an insight of their store, latest exhibitions and finally, the tunes that pissed off their parents.

Hopefully this will channel your inner fashionista and get your ass into gear! So if you live in either of these cities you should definitely check their shops out because they stock some of the most stylish wearables out!

Here's what went down:

D.C - SO we all have somewhere, or someplace, where is your special someplace?

Gustav - To be honest, Somewhere Store is our somewhere, our secret place. Even though it is considered work, we still like hanging out here with customers, having a coffee or a cold beer (after hours on that one) before heading out in the Melbourne night. For us I guess it is a social space as much as a store.

D.C - The idea of a store and gallery in one big attic seems cool, how did the idea come about? Was there any particular brainchild behind it all?

Gustav - Yeah it works out pretty well huh? I guess the idea behind getting the attic space in the city centre was to be close to where people hang out most of the day, but to find us would be completely up to them, no big flashing signs here. To be a bit tucked away is our melody and it creates a relaxed and friendly vibe where customers can feel at home. The gallery has played a major part in our Sydney store and we didn’t hesitate to continue on that track down here. Fashion and art are inseparable.

D.C - Tell us about your latest exhibition. Where do you discover all this talent? We'll chuck in a sequel to this question, where do you guys dig up all the fashion that you stock? We know most of it is the European labels but you do stock some home grown stuff which is always good to see.

Sigourney - They seem to find us. There are so many up and coming artists in Melbourne we're lucky to have some of them visiting us upstairs. The next exhibiion begins 28th Nov - 20th Dec by Andrea Jane Ingham. Andrea came by and was inspired by the intimate space we have as she is a graduating art student. Her artwork are beautiful realist oil paintings that we are really excited to have the pleasure of adorning our walls for the next few weeks!

D.C - Views on Australian Fashion at the moment, good, bad, awesome? What are your picks for summer threads?

Sigourney - Awesome! We've been digging into the Aussie talent especially for summer with Handsom, Carly Hunter, Neuw, Strummer, The Horse, OKOK, Meandher and Jamie Fame becoming quick favourites of ours.

Fave Picks/Perfect outfit:
- Carly Hunter Linen High Waisted Shorts
- Neuw Sleeveless cropped Shirt
- OKOK Bamboo Ankle Socks
- The Horse Thelma Shoes
- Handsom Mens Swimmer Shorts
- Meandher Samsom Shoes

D.C - And finally, for our mainstay, what music blasted out of those bedrooms, first cars and garages that pissed off your parents?

Gustav - Being from Sweden and growing up with that northern Swedish hardcore scene probably pissed a few parents off through the 90s.

Big thanks guys!

- D.C.

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