Sunday 2 October 2011

What the F&%*K is all the Hype about?

Backpacks. Satchels. Man bags. Handbags. Messengers. Packs. Ports. Whatever your deal is, the humble bag is making its way back in. Whether you're rockin' a pokemon backpack from way back when you were a snotty nosed kid running to school or lugging around a coach handbag on your way to the theater. The bag is in and there is no denying it.

So what? Why? Who? How?

We probably can thank all those hipsters who empty your local Vinnies/thrift store for "vintage" threads and Urban Outfitters for gracing us with the niffty and stylish Herschel bags. You can spend from 20 bucks to 20,000 bucks (given you're Kanye West or someone like that.)

So that's who and why. How is thanks to the revolution in online shopping and the old saying "it'll come back in fashion" (we guess bags got the short straw and had to wait slightly longer than anyone else.)

What you ask? Well this is probably the most important part. You can stuff as much, or as little, as you like into your bag. If you're Paris Hilton you can chuck your dog in there, if you're Lindsay you can carry your emergency flask in there, if none of that highflying stuff is your swag then you can put what ever the fuck you like in it! Just get one that you like, is affordable, durable and practical.

Here's a few suckers for suggestions:

Herschel Pop Quiz
Herschel Heritage 

Pendleton Plaid Messenger (U.O)

Archival Clothing Waxed Twill Rucksack (N.S co.)

Sabrina Tach Inca Backpack (N.S co.)

So go nuts! The humble bag is the new staple, and we're digging. Just try not to spill anything or leave any important notices in yours all right, because then you'll be cursing you ever bought one.


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