Monday, 17 October 2011

In the heat of things

So from where we are, it's been pretty god damn hot. We're talking 32 degrees Celsius days with the occasional breeze that lasts a total of 0.1 of a second (not really, but hopefully you understand how hot we're talking). Practically the only good thing about this scorching weather is the excuse to be completely pant-less. We're not joking here.

In the scheme of things, we're providing you with a couple of cutesy outfits that will satisfy any girl living in the Sahara Dessert and beyond. Enjoy.

Ksubi Dress

Friend of Mine Tank; Ksubi Shorts

May the Label crop; Replay shorts

Wranger Shirt; LOVER shorts

Bassike Tank; Bassike Bikini Bottoms

- D.C.

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