Monday 17 October 2011

In the heat of things

So from where we are, it's been pretty god damn hot. We're talking 32 degrees Celsius days with the occasional breeze that lasts a total of 0.1 of a second (not really, but hopefully you understand how hot we're talking). Practically the only good thing about this scorching weather is the excuse to be completely pant-less. We're not joking here.

In the scheme of things, we're providing you with a couple of cutesy outfits that will satisfy any girl living in the Sahara Dessert and beyond. Enjoy.

Ksubi Dress

Friend of Mine Tank; Ksubi Shorts

May the Label crop; Replay shorts

Wranger Shirt; LOVER shorts

Bassike Tank; Bassike Bikini Bottoms

- D.C.

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