Monday 3 October 2011


As usual, Comeback Kid's line of clothing never fails to disappoint. We're really digging the corduroy look at the moment. Oh, and a casual but weirdly obnoxious stripy button-up never goes astray. Also, did we mention our love for oversized sweaters? 

Be sure to hit this link to check out some of their new shit (obviously it's not shit, because otherwise we wouldn't be posting about it. But like, you know, shit as in stuff or whatever. Wow, we've got to learn to stop talking when needed). Anyway, enjoy gents. 

Handsom Mustard Corduroy Shorts

CBK Vintage Blue Yellow Red Striped Shirt 

CBK Vintage Dark Geometric Jumper

CBK Vintage Dusty Pink and Navy Striped Top

- D.C.

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