Tuesday 18 October 2011

Cool shit

So, and luckily I guess, the only thing accessible at school that is worth while (government websites are even blocked..go figure right) is hypebeast and 8tracks.

Here is what was learnt today: A throwable panoramic camera ball, yeah you read right - a camera ball - and the announcement that the DeLorean is going into production! That's gotta beat the mathematics of navigation any day.

Jonas Pfeil created a panoramic camera ball that shoots one single shot for his thesis, how rad!
Jona's camera ball uses 36 mobile-phone-camera quality cameras to shoot a single shot that can then be downloaded via usb. OK, it seems a little archaic for such an awesome idea but imagine the potential! The camera basically uses a series of complex programming parameters to capture the 3D image at the height of the throw but all you have to do is worry about catching it. We can't wait to get a turn.

(full hype here

Even cooler, DMC announced today that they would begin a production line of an all-electric DeLorean (yep Marty Mcfly's ride in the Back to the Future films) ready for drop in 2013! OK, you'll need the dosh first - try around $100,000 a pop - but who would feel bad spending that if it's "saving the environment." And if worse comes to worse you can always get doc to send you back in time and thus avoid the whole apocalypse/al gore vengeance day. Does it work like that?

Although not as powerful as you might have hoped, you really only need to get this bad boy up to 88mph to have some real fun. Just try not sleep with your mum. Or meddle with your kids. Or stumble upon your future self in your future home that pretty much does everything for you. But don't come back without a souvenir .. and by that we mean score yourself a hoverboard. 

(for the rest of the read up and some actual facts, jump over to the hype)


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