Tuesday 18 October 2011

Bean Bags and Mum's Nags

For all you plush toy enthusiasts out there, and even for those who aren't, this post includes the coolest things since fold out chairs (wait a minute... they were never quite cool were they?). Anyway, that's besides the point. Tonight we're focused on Woouf and their range of flipping fun and groovingly great range of pillows, bean bags and posters. Enjoy dudes, ladies, animals, babies, nan & pop, Aunt Annie and whoever the heck is reading this.

Always wanted a keyboard to live out your inner 'rock band dreams' but don't actually know how to play? You can do a Darby and pretend all you like on this bad boy!

You can blast your tunes out on this make-believe amplifier without pissing off your neighbours or parents! Even better, when your siblings start complaining about your lame dance moves (not to worry, we welcome all moves at DASH), you don't need to worry about being graced on the head with a hard cased  amp (and a quick trip to the ER). 

Feeling hungry? Well, if foam suits your fancy then take a bite! Or a sit. Whatever you want really.

- D.C.

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