Friday 23 September 2011

Interview with Vanessa (

Kicking off our first official interview, we have the adorable and ever-so-talented, 17 year old Vanessa from Sydney. Owner of the tumblr blog animalist (you've probably heard of it, but if not, get on it now) and with a keen eye for fashion, the teen gives us a quick insight into some of her ambitions, interests and well, if you read on you'll find out! She's got an online store where she sells some of her DIY-ed items and  also other nick-nacks like vintage and pre-loved clothing.

Okay okay, so you're probably all itching to read the interview now. Go on then.

Is there any reason or meaning behind your tumblr name ‘Animalist’ or was it just a “pick this, see how it goes” type thing?

V: There really isn’t… I remember thinking “I really want a username ending with ‘ologie’, ‘ogue’, ‘ist’ or ‘istic’ (It was pretty cool and hip at the time hahaha!) And I love words beginning with ‘a’ so animalist was born… Oh! And I love animals.

DC: Where do you draw your inspiration? Any fashion icons or model-figures?

Inspiration – mainly everyday life; things you do and see on a regular basis. A flower in a garden, a five year olds’ blonde pigtails, bright lights in the city. Street style is a pretty big influence on my own style and taste too.

DC: How old were you when you started making your own clothes? What made you want to do it? (You seem to look like a child genius on the sewing machine so we won’t be surprised if you respond with a ridiculously young or something!)

V: I think I was in year 9 or 10 – so about 14/15 (I’m 17 now!). It hasn’t been too long… probably because ever since I was born I loved art and only have an interest in painting, drawing, sculpting etc etc. My clothing fascination really hit when I was asked to join a sewing class from a friend. From then on, I really enjoyed it and thought of it as a great hobby to coincide with the art side of me. In terms of just sewing in general, I only ever hand sewed up until year 7 (dolls clothing, pillows and blankets for dolls…)

DC: Right now, if you could be anywhere, anytime – past or present – where/when would it be and why?

V: Anywhere, anytime? Probably at New York Fashion Week 2012 or Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. I’ve always wanted to be at a show and see beautiful models wearing amazing amazing garments. Other than that, working for Rosa Cha or Zimmermann! Swimwear is HOT.

DC: Last but not least, what do you hope to be doing in 10 years? Are you hungry for a career in fashion and design or would you prefer something else?

V: In 10 years, hopefully interior or fashion design! I know I want to follow the design path but there are so many options out there it’s hard to choose. Especially because design in general is fun for me, not just dressmaking. And even if I don’t choose fashion as my main career, I can always do it on the side for some ‘down time’, and I’m sure it’ll come in handy when I have kids and I get to make costumes (YAY! LOL) 

So as you've probably concluded for yourself, Vanessa is going to make it in whatever the bloody hell she wants to do (check out some of her designs here to see for yourself). Thanks a heap V!

- D.C

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