Sunday 18 September 2011

Who said anything about books?

Okay, so for all you readers out there (and even for those non-readers, we don't judge here), you should totally get your mitts on the published diary "Go Ask Alice". Now we're not talking a collection of text speaking about rainbows and butterflies here. We're speaking drugs, alcohol, misunderstood teens and annoyed parents (is some of this sounding familiar?). Hold on, let us stop with the bullshit.

So basically, the diary follows Alice, a teenager who, well, lets just say, struggles to find who she really is ( inspiring Mother). But yeah, you get the picture. Well, you probably don't. But if you read it, you probably would. So what we're saying is, make a trip down to your local library, book store, wherever the damn place you buy books from. Go Ask Alice by an anonymous teen. Get grooving dudes (or should we say reading. Ha. Ha.)

- D.C

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