Thursday 29 September 2011

5 Questions in 5 Minutes - Comeback Kid

Yeah yeah, you've all been waiting, sitting on the edge of your seat/bed/couch/deck whatever! So the time has come....Interview time!

Comeback Kid, menswear shop in old Melbourne, answered a few questions for us. Enjoy. Don't forget, you can find them Here and their online shop here.

So without further a do, here ya'll go:

"OK, here goes:

DASH: Who (or what) is Comeback Kid? 

CBK: Ah! You know, we’re not quite sure? We think one of our friends came up with the store name one morning and we’re also pretty sure a hangover and a couch was involved. But if we were to give the store a personality we guess he’d be fun, relaxed and up for a good time! He’d also be into music and exploring the world. We try to get the clothes we stock and range to reflect this mood. And risk taking, the Comeback Kid is definitely a risk taker.

DASH: So I know CBK is actually three kids (well, not actually kids) but how did you guys meet? Not at some hipster-laden tumblr meet up I'm guessing...

CBK: We wish we met over Tumblr! Actually, we all met in a pre-Tumblr world (so sad to think there was one). Pat and Greta have been friends since year 12 (we met on the dancefloor at Cheers, no joke) and Ricky came into the mix when he lived with Greta at the world's most awesomely feral share-house. A three-way love of beer, dancing and clothing sealed the friendship deal.

DASH: Influences, Inspirations and Internet Sites? (You know, the usual stuff about how some coked out musician ruffled your feathers and voila the rebel without a cause was born inside you.) 

CBK: Wow. Sounds like a wank but we take our inspiration from many sources. Music is a big love in store and we have a huge list of music blogs that we trawl through on our down time. Our music obsession leads us to see a lot of live shows and we’re always intrigued to see what the crowd wears. Aside from local labels we both follow the major international mens and womenswear shows. Are you ready for a massive internet hit? These are some of our favourite sites (and yes, we’re Tumblr addicts):

DASH: So other than stocking wicked OZ-made clothes for guys, you also sell some international labels. What are your views on the state of Australian Fashion at the moment? And (double pronged one here) how do you stumble upon all these designers? 

CBK: Sometimes labels approach us and sometimes we approach them. It’s always exciting to get an email, or when someone pops in store, to introduce you to something new. It’s no secret that Australian retailers are facing a challenge from the onslaught of international brands and stores hitting our shores but we don’t see this as a bad thing. It was bound to happen hey? Instead we’re focussing our attention on a more localised service but we’re also learning from their success. It’s not so much if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em it’s more, why does their brand work? And how can we make Comeback Kid and the in store + online experience the best it can be. It’s a work in progress. Plus never be afraid of change. Ever!

DASH: And finally (I know, it feels like we're only just getting to know each other) what music blasted out of those boomboxes, cassette tapes and walkmens that pissed off your parents? 

Greta: I got a taste for hip hop at the impressionable age of 9 so my parents have had to suffer with that addiction ever since. I’m also a sucker for dancehall and really nasty rap. Diplo ticks all my boxes. Oh, and I’m a mental Michael Jackson fan. Actually my folks are pretty cool and brought me up on a diet of The Clash, Nick Cave and the Violent Femmes. Not to forget a good dose of Lou Reed and a bit of country. I’ll also happily hit the d-floor to some Britney, Gaga, Beyonce and co. Who runs the world? Girls.

Pat: Geez, I've been through a lot different music over the years but it always tends to lean toward the dancier, upbeat sides of things. I think my older sister had me listening to Madonna, En Vogue and Salt n Pepa vinyls at very young age. So I blame her. Luckily my music tastes have widened out a bit since those days. "

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